Monday, January 16, 2012

Frankfurt - City of Contrasts

My wife Suzanne and I, were planning a trip to Frankfurt for a long time but somehow our professional commitments got in the way and we could not make a trip on previous occasions. But this Christmas, we decided not to procrastinate any further and asked our travel agent to book our cheap flights to Frankfurt.

We were explained in advance by our travel agent that the total cost of the trip would depend to a lot of extent on the type of airline chosen and the class of travel selected. He further explained to us that the cost of the trip would also depend on how early you book your flight tickets to Frankfurt. In our case, it would be high as we had booked our tickets on the eleventh hour. Had we booked our tickets earlier, it would have been a lot cheaper for us.

Anyway we began our trip to Frankfurt and when we reached the city, we were spell bound by the architecture of the city that was truly amazing. What we observed that the city had achieved a somewhat saturation level in terms of infrastructure with skyscrapers, highways and roads that highlight the city's economic might.

We continued our sightseeing tour of the city and saw places like the FrankFurt Zoo, Goethe Museum, Museum Fuer Moderne Kunst (Museum of Modern Art),

Senckenberg Naturmuseum (Natural History Museum), Palmengarten (Palm Garden), Judengasse Museum (Jewish Museum), Geld museum Deer Deutschemark Bondsman (Money Museum of the German Federal Bank), and

Sankt Bartholomaeusdom (Cathedral of St Bartholomew) that gave us a lot of insights into the architectural heritage of the city that has captivated tourists for centuries.

Our sightseeing tour of Frankfurt, revealed to us an interesting insight that even though it is a 'First-World' city, it has still retained its architectural and cultural heritage intact. Another interesting aspect of the city which we got to know was the fact that the city played host to innumerable trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences and attracted a lot of business travelers from across Europe, America, Africa, Asia and the Middle-East.

We returned very satisfied from our Frankfurt tour and if you also want to plan a trip to this lovely city, then we suggest you call up your travel agent and ask him to book your flights and tickets in advance for your next holiday.

You are sure to get an exciting flight deal and that's a guarantee!

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